What is the most difficult part of SEO?

SEO requires a lot of effort over an extended period. But some SEO tasks are quite easy while others are not. To be candid, the most difficult part of SEO is building or earning reputable and organic backlinks. Why is it the most difficult? Three reasons:

  • People don’t want to link to your site unless they have to.
  • Most publishers want money to link to another site
  • It is not within your control

I’ll build on these points in this article and shed more light.

But before going into details, there are some things you must keep in mind. The entire SEO process can be broadly categorized into these 3 frameworks.

Understanding this will make you realize that SEO is not complex.

What does building or earning reputable and organic backlinks mean?

Of course, you know what backlinks mean, so we won’t dwell on that.

But building or earning reputable and organic backlinks is not a regular thing in SEO and would need some explanation.

Four words stand out and need to be explained:

  • 1. Building – manually looking for opportunities to get another website link to your site. Oftentimes, email outreach and guest posting are the commonest way to go about it.
  • 2. Earning – when other websites deem your content worthy of being linked to naturally without your asking for it. Such links are earned.
  • 3. Reputable – Not all links are reputable. Google ignores some, especially from low-quality sites or unnatural links. Getting reputable links is hard, but spammy or low-quality links are accessible.
  • 4. Organic – Links gotten naturally without money exchanged directly. It may be earned or require that you ask for it.

Why is building or earning a reputable or organic backlink the most difficult part of SEO?

There are three reasons why building or earning reputable or organic backlinks is the most difficult part of SEO. Let’s consider them in detail.

People don’t want to link to your site unless they have to

In an ideal scenario, nobody really wants to link to you. Nobody wants to help your site grow for the fun of it. It takes something extra for a publisher to link to another site. This is why link building is the hardest part of SEO.

For some, their hands are tied, and they have to link to your article because your content complements theirs and is also useful to their audience too.

Even if a publisher links to your article because they find it useful, sometimes, they make sure the link is a nofollow. A few others do not mind, though. They link naturally with a dofollow attribute.

All of these are the reason why earning reputable backlinks is complicated.

Most publishers want money To link To Another Site

In my personal experience, when doing email outreach for building links, about 80% of site owners want to be paid before they can link to me.

The funny thing is that some of them declared on their page that guest post is free of charge. Only to say otherwise when contacted.

All in all, this regular request for money for links is one of the reasons why link building is the most difficult part of SEO.

It is not within your control.

To be candid, earning or building reputable backlinks is not within your control, even when you make several efforts.

Even when you have top-quality articles or do mass email outreach, you cannot control other people to link to your site.

Unlike content writing on your blog where you have 100% control of what is being published, you cannot say the same about backlinks.

After writing awesome content, the best you can do is hope that some big sites would link to you unless you have the money to influence things.

Easier Way To Build Reputable Backlinks

Backlinks are easier to build or earn when you have money.

You can directly contact any site you want to ask for a link and offer them money in return.

Although I do not recommend this, another way to spend money on building links is by going through a link-building agency. This is usually more expensive, though.

Other Difficult Parts Of SEO Apart From Link Building

Technical SEO

About 80% of bloggers do not have a technical background as a developer. This is why many of us use WordPress or other CMS.

Fixing site speed, indexing errors, and dealing with robots.txt files or htaccess files, etc, are all technical stuff.

It can be incredibly difficult for any average blogger to fix these things on our own.

The best way to fix technical errors is to research on Google or YouTube.

Content Writing

Writing high-quality content can be very difficult. Sometimes, trying to stay unique requires extra effort on each content.

The extra effort could involve creating a poll, creating unique images, sourcing data from multiple sources, etc.

One thing that could help you write content faster is an outline.

Keyword Research

Another hard part of SEO Keyword Research.

Discovering super low-competition keyphrases is difficult to do but incredibly rewarding.

Final thought

To reiterate, building or earning reputable backlinks is the most difficult part of SEO because nobody really wants to link to you; they want money, and it is totally out of your control.

However, with money, you can easily earn or build quality links that can accelerate the growth of your site by over 100% monthly.

If you found this article useful, you could find out why your organic traffic is not growing, how to improve your CTR, and how to spend money wisely to grow your blogging business.

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