How Long Should My Blog Post Be?

Today, one common SEO statement is “long-form contents rank better than shorter ones”. So, many publishers are then wondering how long each blog post should be.

Well, in this post, you find out the accurate answer so that you can make the right decision.

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Factors To Consider To Determine How Long Your Content Should Be

In order to know how long your blog should be, the following factors can help you decide.

1. Content

The content itself can help you know how long our blog post should be.

Let’s assume you have researched good keywords, ask yourself this question to examine if the length of your content is ok:

Have I covered all important points that satisfy the query? If not, add new subheadings or FAQ blocks to the article.

Some topics require fewer words or explanations while others require more in-depth explanations.

Whichever type your content is, make sure all important points are covered in the article.

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2. Audience

In some niches, audiences are comfortable reading very long content. Other audiences find short content valuable.

Study your audience to be sure how they react to longer or shorter content.

How do you study your audience? Google Analytics.

Check the bounce rate and average session time of your long-form content and compare them to those of shorter ones.

If the bounce rate is higher and the average session time of the longer content is consistently lower than those of the shorter content, it may be an indication that your audience is more comfortable with shorter content and vice versa.

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3. Competitors

Although Keyword research is overrated, always check your key phrase on Google to see which article ranks no. 1.

Carefully analyze the content and take note of its word count.

Make sure to include important points not covered by the article.

By doing so, you’ll naturally have more words than the no. 1 article.

Here is a general rule of thumb: if the number 1 article has 800 words, write 1,200, if it’s 1,500 words, write 1,800, etc.

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What Should Be Your Main Focus When Writing Content?

How long your content is should not be your main priority. Rather, write an article that provides complete value to your readers.

However long your VALUABLE content is, is not as important as the value itself.

Make sure your content is the best it can be and answers the reader’s queries satisfactorily.

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So, in answer to the question; how long should my blog post be? There is no defined rule for the number of words a blog post should have.

Your content should be as short as possible but as long as necessary.

Do not forget that the most important aspect of writing your article is to provide value to readers.

How long your content should depend on your content itself, your audience, and competitors.

You may also need to find out how many posts you should post on your blog per month.

Finally, you can learn more SEO tricks on these YouTube Channels to up your game.

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