Videos Are More Important to SEO Than Images Per Our Study

We analyzed 20 websites and came to the conclusion that videos are more important to SEO than images. We tested small to medium-sized websites.

The minimum monthly traffic of the websites we tested is 10,000.

See below the analysis of our study and outcome.

Summary of our analysis

  • Averagely, images get 632.6% more impressions than videos on Google SERP.
  • Videos get 1492.86% better CTR than images on Google SERP.

Complete Breakdown of our Research

Websites analyzed20
No. of combined published posts3,905
% of Embeded videos in posts25%
% of posts with at least 1 image100%
Test Period1 Year (12 Months)
Data SourceGoogle Search Console

As mentioned earlier, we analyzed 20 websites before reaching our conclusion which is proven by numbers.

These 20 websites have a combined published post of 3,905.

Google Search Console report for videos

Also, an interesting thing about this research is that just 25% of all the published posts have at least one video embedded in the post. Conversely, there is at least one image in ALL the 3,905 posts.

In essence, there are fewer videos embedded than images on these posts.

Google Search Console report for images
1 sample out of 20 websites analyzed

It is important to mention that the data we used were from Google Search Console for the last 12 calendar months.

Impressions Result for Both Videos and Images

Total Video ImpressionsTotal Image Impressions
No. of impressions

During our analysis, we discovered that images have more impressions than videos. Well, it is expected because as mentioned above, ALL the posts have at least one image but just 25% of posts have videos.

Chat depicting images have better impressions on Google images.

Even at that, it is still fair to say that images have more impressions than videos. One reason why this is so is that video search results on Google can only contain 10 results per page.

Google Video search results for keyword "car"

Images on the other hand, have an infinity scroll on the result page and can contain as many as possible.

Google image search results for keyword "car"

Clicks Result for Both Videos and Images

Despite having fewer impressions, videos still got more clicks than images.

No. of Clicks

Videos got 36,000 clicks out of 1,617,500 impressions. Images on the other hand got 16,125 clicks from out of 11,850,000 impressions.

videos are more important to seo than images

CTR Result for Images and Videos

To start with, CTR means Click Through Rate – The percentage number of times people clicked on a link to your website out of the number times they saw it.

Average Video CTRAverage Image CTR

From our study, it is clear that videos have a better CTR. This simply means that you have a higher chance of getting a click from the search result from the video section that from images.

chart depicting videos have more CTR than images

[Learn more about Image SEO.]

What this Study Means For Your SEO

Images are important to SEO but from our study, Videos are more important.

Videos had fewer impressions than images but still got more clicks. What does that mean for you?

If you can, try as much as possible to embed at least one video in your post. You’ll have a higher chance of getting more clicks from the search result. The video below explains more about the result of our findings.

Almost everyone is more focused on images than videos, so here is a chance to outsmart your competitors.

So, to recap, videos are more important to SEO than images.

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