How To Get Twitter Followers FREE [Expert Advice]

Twitter is the home of so many businesses, Influencers and Solopreneurs. Learning how to get Twitter followers free has to be top most priority for anyone in this category.

Although running profitable Ads could be beneficial, it is not sustainable.

With some consistent and intelligent actions on Twitter, you can build a reasonably large audience over time.

Have you imagined getting growing from 15 to 15k followers on Twitter in just 7 months? Well, that’s exactly what happened to Shweta Kukreja. She followed some practical steps (which I will share with you) that helped her build her audience in a very short while.

Interestingly, almost all successful Social Media Influencers follow the same blueprint to get Twitter followers for FREE.

So, here are 6 actions you need to take CONSISTENTLY in order to get Twitter followers free and build your own audience.

Pick an Area of Expertise (or Niche)

First before anything else, you need to pick an area of expertise or niche if you want to get more followers on Twitter.

If your audience don’t know you for one specific thing, you may find it hard to build a specific audience over time on Twitter.

So, if you are yet to discover a niche, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What am I really good at?
  • What do my followers know me for?
  • What type of content do my current followers engage with most? Can I build on such content consistently and be identified with it?
  • What do I enjoy doing most either for leisure or at work? Would I be comfortable sharing this with my audience?
  • What problems can I solve? Could I share these solutions to people?
  • Do I have previous experience at work or at School that could add value to anyone threading my path?

Carefully analyze these questions and you’ll realize that it is easy to pick out a niche.

However, you already have a business on Twitter, this step may not apply to you.

Add Value

So, assuming you already have a standout niche or a business, it is important to understand that you need to ADD VALUE to your audience before ever thinking about selling or advertising.

What this means is that your content on Twitter must be something that makes your audience a better person in your field.

The problem most brands make on Twitter is that they sell their products or services in all their content without adding any specific value to their audience.

Why is adding value important? If your audience find your content REALLY valuable to them, they will share it to their audience by Retweeting or any other form of engagement.

Your followers audience are then going to see your content. When see another valuable content of yours shared by your follower, they’ll most likely follow you instead of waiting on their audience to Retweet your tweets. They’ll want to get the info firsthand.

In essence, if you are committed to adding value with every single one of your tweets, you’re on the highway to get Twitter followers free.

Post Consistently

It is one thing to tweet valuable content, it is another thing to do it CONSISTENTLY.

Adding value once in while would not help you build your twitter community (fast). So, you need do it CONSISTENTLY.

Why is consistency important? It increases the chances of your Tweets being Retweeted (or engaged with) and thereby allows people outside your audience see your valuable Tweets and follow you.

It’s that simple.

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Engage With Your Audience

One of the most proven methods to grow your Twitter audience is to engage with them.

Naturally, if your Tweets are adding value to your audience, you get a handful of engagements.

A terrible mistake is not to replying to any compliments or questions or other meaningful engagements. Cease the opportunity as another avenue to add value to your audience.

Always remember that even those who do not engage with your Tweets observe and learn from your content.

Why is engaging with your Twitter audience important? The more you engage with a tweet, the better your chances of reaching beyond your current scope of audience.

The twitter algorithm loves tweets engaging content, so it will stop at nothing to reach more desirable audience on Twitter.

Speak up in Spaces

So, Twitter space is one of the coolest features on Twitter. It is wise to take advantage of the Twitter Space to get Twitter followers free. How?

It does not matter how small your audience is, think of starting a Twitter space with a clear mission of adding value to your audience. Why is this important? It helps you to ‘own’ your community and engage with them.

Moreso, your audience would be prompted to tweet about your space to their audience especially if they are invited as guests.

Also, you are bound to get more followers if your Space adds value to your audience.

Learn more on how to successfully host twitter space. The video below could be very helpful.

Send and Reply Cold DMs

When your audience sense that you are knowledgeable in a specific field, they will send you DMs to possibly ask questions that they may be ashamed to ask on the timeline.

It is important that you reply to some of these important DMs. Why? It is yet another opportunity to add value to that audience.

Although DMs are not public, replying to it could create a lasting impression in the sender’s mind. He could share your DM with him on his timeline.

Also, such follower will be the first person to share your next value Tweet on their timeline.

The other aspect of this method is sending cold DMs. Feel free to reach out to an influential follower via DM for a simple compliment or a collaboration.


We live in a world where people buy followers on Social Media. However, that is almost impossible on Twitter. The other alternative is to pay Twitter (via an Ad campaign) to get more followers. This method could be expensive over time.

So, a smarter approach is to follow the practical steps highlighted, you’ll get Twitter followers FREE over time.

One standout point is adding value. Every other points highlighted revolves around it.

Also, you need to understand that your audience would grow over time not overnight.

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