Why Blogging Is So popular? Real Reasons Explained

Do you know why blogging is so popular? In this post, you’ll find the right answer.

Blogging is the act of writing a blog post. A blog is a simple website that can be scrolled and read easily. A person’s blog is what defines them, highlighting what they do.

In addition, Blogging gives people a voice, enabling them to express their ideas, opinions and experiences on a public platform.

Yes, there are social media platforms like; Twitter, Facebook and Instagram where people get expressive, but what then makes “blogging” different and so popular?

Reasons Why is blogging so Popular

Blogging is so popular because it allows people to share their ideas and experiences with a potentially large audience without restrictions or limits to what they can post. This reason has made people connect better with their audience. In other words, Blogging has little or no barrier to entry for anyone.

Furthermore, this helps to build a following of loyal readers and creates opportunities for growth and professionalism. If you have a way to connect with your readers, you can connect with a huge number of people.

Additional Reasons Why Blogging Is So Popular

Let’s consider other reasons why blogging is popular.

  • It is a platform for self-expression. Although other social media platforms exist, there are limits and restrictions on what one can post. But blogging gives the opportunity to be expressive without limitations.
  • Blogging helps you connect with others who share similar interests or experiences. By writing about a particular topic, bloggers can attract readers who are interested in that subject and engage them through comments and discussions. 
  • In addition to connecting with others, blogging is also a way to establish oneself as an expert in a particular niche through constant writing, thereby, gaining recognition as a thought leader in their field and creating more job opportunities for themselves.
  • It is a great source of income: Generally speaking, there is no one who isn’t willing to make a little more money. Passions and creativity are monetized, also blogging.
  • Blogging helps create more customers: Blogging means adding a new page to your website. This can help bloggers rank top on the Google search engine which can drive searchers to your website. If a blogger manages to keep it right with their target audience, they will be keeping track of what’s new on your website and in due time, visitors can then be turned into customers.


Overall, blogging is a popular activity because it allows people to be expressive and also gives room for personal and professional growth. Plus, there is little or no barrier to entry unlike starting a physical business.

So, what is stopping you from starting a blog?

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  1. If you know what you’re doing blogging can be a really good source if income. Lovely write-up tho


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