Untapped Facebook Ad Strategies That Convert Like Crazy

Facebook is one of the biggest online marketing platforms. No wonder many businesses heavily rely on Facebook Ads to sell their product or services. In this post, I’ll share with you some untapped Facebook Ad strategies that will potentially improve your ROAS (return on ads spent) by over 100%.

The strategies may look simple, but the truth is that many do not implement all in a campaign, hence leading to an unsuccessful ad campaign.

Anyway, without wasting time, let’s get to it.

1. Stick with a daily budget

When setting up your Facebook ad (campaign), under budget, you’ll be asked to choose either a lifetime budget or a daily budget.

I recommend that you choose a daily budget so that you can have more control over your spending.

2. Use Campaign Budget Optimisation

You’ll notice a section for Campaign Budget Optimization (CBO) when setting up your campaign. I advise that you toggle this option.

Facebook recommends it’s one of the best ways to spend wisely and allocate resources to the right channel.

First, what CBO does is that it ensures that your budget is split optimally across all adsets under the same campaign.

For example, if Adset A is performing well out of 4 Adsets in total, Facebook allocates most of your resources to Adset A.

That way, money is spent in the right channel.

Learn more about how CBO saves you money.

Nonetheless, you can still further optimize your campaign cost as you’ll learn soon.

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3. Have multiple Ad Sets

The need to have multiple Ad Sets cannot be overemphasized.

One thing you must keep in mind is that you cannot accurately predict which adset (group of audience, creative, content, etc.) would lead to a successful ad.

Therefore, there is a need to test many variables in order to ascertain which combination works best.

Imagine you want to run Ads to sell ebooks that could be valuable to both men and women and you have a limited budget. Of course, you’d want to spend your budget wisely.

Let’s say you think that the eBook might be more beneficial to men than women but you’re not sure. The best way to be sure is by creating multiple adsets – one for men and the other for women.

After maybe 3 days of testing, you’ll know from the result of Adsets which gender buys your product more.

In this instance, gender is tested. In other instances, you could test audience; demography, interest, location, etc.

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4. Create multiple ads for Each Ad set

Let’s assume you now have multiple Ad sets. Each Adset should have at least two ads in them.

In addition, this further helps to test many variables. Here, you can test copies and creatives (images or video).

One ad may have a static image, another video, another with GIF, and yet another with a carousel.

Or you could have one creative on all ads but change the accompanies copies.

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5. Choose Ad placement manually

Often time, in your Ads Manager, Facebook suggests that you use their recommended placements for ads.

That means that Facebook would decide where your ads would be placed on Facebook or Instagram.

Most times, Facebook would place on all available placements.

However, in most situations, more of the traffic or clicks are gotten from the Facebook timeline than any other place.

Therefore, I recommend that you always select your placement manually. Always choose Facebook timeline only, except if your campaign requires testing other placements.

It saves you money and time.

I strongly suggest that you read my guide on Facebook Ad Sizes and dimensions.

6. Duplicate Winning Adsets

Do not forget that the essence of having multiple ad sets is to test and know which ad combination converts most.

After testing for a minimum of 3 days, you should know which adsets convert or not. What do you do next?

Simply pause all adsets that are not performing well and duplicate converting adsets.

Follow the steps in this video to duplicate adsets correctly:

Final Thought

These untapped Facebook ad strategies outlined here work convert very well if you put them to good use.

Applying these strategies could be the difference between successful Facebook ads and not.

As a reminder, here are the untapped Facebook Ad Strategies:

  • Stick with a daily budget
  • Do not use Campaign Budget Optimization
  • Create multiple adsets
  • Create different types of Ads for each asset
  • Choose ad placements manually
  • Duplicate winning adsets

Therefore, it is important to put these to good use in your next Facebook ad campaign.

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