Is Pinterest Traffic Good For AdSense And Other Ad Networks?

In case you do not know, Pinterest the number 1 source of organic traffic from a visual Search Engine. AdSense and other Ad networks actually frown at Social Media traffic if it is the major source. This has made publishers ask if Pinterest traffic is good for AdSense.

This fear of unknow has forced some publishers to erroneously think that organic search traffic (from Google) is the only or safest source of traffic.

Anyway, in this post you’ll understand how Pinterest traffic works and find out if it is safe for AdSense and other ad networks.

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How Pinterest Traffic Works

First, you must understand that Pinterest is not a Social Media platform as you may think it to be. In reality, Pinterest is a Search Engine – visual Search Engine.

People go to Pinterest to look for visual inspiration or ideas for getting thing done the right way.

Unlike Google, Pinterest has only visual search results.

In essence, to get organic traffic on Pinterest, amongst other things, your post must be visually appealing.

Why And When AdSense Does Not Like Social Media Traffic

The truth is that there is nothing wrong with sharing your content on Social Media. Also, there is nothing wrong when people visit your website from a Social Media because they think your content might be useful for them.

Normally, AdSense finds traffic from Social Media safe.

But if the majority of the entire traffic visiting your AdSense ads are from Social Media, you could be penalized.

One of such penalty is that your AdSense Ads could be limited. Another possible penalty is that your AdSense account could be disabled permanently without any reversal.

Why does AdSense not like traffic from Social Media? Well, Google and AdSense categorize traffic from Social Media (especially clicks from ads) as invalid.

Invalid traffic from Google’s standpoint, are unnatural traffic that cannot be monetized on AdSense. So, if for example, you have 10,000 of those, it won’t add a penny to your AdSense earnings.

(To get approved on AdSense, I strongly recommend that you read our ultimate AdSense approval checklist.)

Is Pinterest Traffic Good For AdSense?

Now that you understand how unsafe Social Media traffic could be in some cases, you may now wonder if traffic from Pinterest is safe for AdSense.

Well, to start with, as mentioned before, Pinterest is not a social media platform. It is a Search Engine. If by nature of how the Search Engine is designed, you find the platform social, fine.

Unlike traffic from Social Media platforms like Facebook, Pinterest’s is safe for AdSense.

In fact, there are some publishers who get about 60 – 80 % of their total traffic from Pinterest (not Google) and they monetize with AdSense for many years.

Google in a way, “respects” traffic from fellow search engines as against Social Media.

To emphasize, Pinterest traffic is very safe for AdSense and other ad networks like Ezoic, Mediavine, AdThrive etc.

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How To Keep Your Social Media Traffic Safe For AdSense

As mentioned before, Social Media traffic in itself is not bad as long as it is reasonably minimal.

However, to avoid penalty from Google, here are a few tips that could help you keep your AdSense account safe with Social Media traffic:

Post your content in safe places on Social Media

Where you post your content on Social Media matters a lot. Some groups are full of toxic people who are only interested in causing harm.

These type of people would visit your site and deliberately click on ads just so you get banned.

If you must post in a Social Media group or small community, ensure it is safe. One way to know if a group or community is safe is they type of discussion that takes place there.

For example, if all they discuss is how to circumvent the Search Engine or how to build back-hat or unnatural backlinks, no matter how relevant your content may be to the group, it is wise not to share your content in such group.

Avoid (Facebook) Ad Arbitrage

Ad Arbitrage simply means buying traffic (through ads) to earn money from display ad. In order not to run at a loss, the cost of ad must be cheaper than earnings from display ad network and this is very difficult to maintain and worse still, very dangerous.

Many publishers resort to Ad Arbitrage when they do not have the enough organic traffic on their blog.

Anyway, the point here is that Ad Arbitrage is dangerous and AdSense in most cases rule traffic from Social Media ads as invalid.

If you must run ad for any reason though, make sure display ads are disabled the landing page you are sending traffic to.

Do not Incite People to Click Ads From your Social Media Post

Some publishers encourage their Social Media audience to click on ads on their website.

This is a bad practice.

AdSense fraud-detection system can know if ads are being clicked unnaturally, hence would rule them as invalid.

Look out for Organic Social Media Traffic

Strategically sharing links to your content on Social Media a good practice as it may improve your Social Signals.

So, rather than going into ad arbitrage, focus on getting organic traffic your blog from your Social media posts.

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Pinterest is a Search Engine, so you do not need to worry if traffic from the platform is safe for AdSense.

To put it straight, Pinterest organic traffic is 100% safe for AdSense and other display ad networks.

To keep your Social Media traffic safe, make sure you:

  1. Get organic Social Media traffic
  2. Do not tell people to click on your website ad from Social Media posts.
  3. Avoid Ad Arbitrage
  4. Post content in a safe Social Media place

Continue to build organic traffic with Pinterest because it is very safe to use with AdSense and other display ad networks.

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