Why Keyword Research Is Overrated [Explained]

Experts say you must do keyword research to succeed as a blogger. Some even say that keywords with search volume of less than 1000 are not worth writing about. There are many more fallacies about Keyword research, so much that I believe that it is sorely overrated.

In this post, I’ll explain to you why I think Keyword research is overrated and how to properly view it.

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3 Reasons Why Keyword Research is Overrated Or Not So Important

There are 3 main reasons why I believe that Keyword Research (as it is portrayed by “experts”) is very much overrated.

1. Common Sense Is The Best Keyword Research Tool

Today, experts advise you to use certain tools for Keyword research if you want to succeed as a blogger.

Some even go as far as recommending a particular tool like Ahref or SEMrush as the “best” keyword research tool or SEO software.

While all these tools are useful, the truth is that common sense is the best keyword research tool ever.

Common sense helps you to

  1. Know how far you should trust these keyword research tools
  2. Avoid trusting these keyword research tools 100%
  3. Know that certain keywords do not need any research
  4. Make good use of Google itself as a keyword research tool without any 3rd party software

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2. Keyword Research Tools Are Never Accurate

Keyword research is grossly overrated because most of these software do not provide accurate keyword data.

Personally, on numerous occasions, I get over 1000 organic monthly visitors from a post with 0 search volume per multiple Keyword Software.

Usually, I said to myself, “If I’m curious enough to ask this question, there must other people like me who are asking the same question and would go to google to search for answers”. 

So, I’d write about the topic regardless of what the keyword research tool tells me.

Bottomline is that these keyword research tools are never accurate.

Sadly, these tools are being portrayed like we can’t do without them.

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3. You can Succeed Without Extensive Keyword Research

To be candid, with common sense and Google, you can succeed without these 3rd party keyword research tools.

You should read my guide on how to use Google as a keyword research tool.

Do an intelligent keyword research on Google.

Or alternatively, optimise for a keyword that you would type on Google to get the exact information in your article.

After 6 months, check the performance of the post and reoptimise (possibly for another keyword getting you the impressions on the post.)

Read up my guide on how to reoptimize your content to double your organic traffic.

Indeed, you can succeed without using these 3rd party Keyword research tools.

I am not just telling you this; I actually practise this on this blog and my other blog yet I get decent results.

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Do not get me wrong. Keyword research is important to SEO.

SEO tools can also be very useful for keyword research.

The essence of this post is to let you know where to draw the line.

To recap, these are the 3 main reasons why I think Keyword research is overrated:

  • Common sense helps you do better keyword research
  • Keyword Research tools are never accurate
  • You can succeed without these keyword research software

Keep these in mind as you approach your keyword research strategy.

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