Ezoic Payment Methods: Which is Best For You?

Ezoic has several payment methods for publishers. But beginners may not know which option to choose from. Hence, they don’t know which Ezoic payment option they should choose.

In this post, I’ll guide and help you choose which of the Ezoic payment methods is best for you. Also, I’ll walk you through important steps to take in order to match up a particular payment option.

First, let’s discuss a general overview of how Ezoic payment works before dwelling on the payment methods.

General Overview of Ezoic Payment

Ezoic is an American company so all earnings an on the platform are in USD. However, payments can be converted to some currencies depending on your chosen payment method as will be discussed further later in this post.

It is also important to mention that Ezoic uses a net-30 payment system, just like AdSense. What does that mean? It simply means payments are issued 30 days after the end of the month in which earnings are generated.

For example, earnings for January would be paid at the end of February.

What date does Ezoic make payment? Ideally, Ezoic makes payment on the 28th of every month. Depending on your region or zone, it falls on the 27th or 29th. But Ezoic uses the PST time zone.

Ezoic Payment Methods

1. PayPal

Of course, you are very much familiar with PayPal. It needs no further introduction.

PayPal is not a bank but an online payment gateway for sending and receiving money electronically.

Today, Paypal is probably the most popular of the Ezoic payment methods.

Pros of PayPal Ezoic Payment

  • Payments from PayPal to PayPal are usually very fast.
  • Currencies can be easily converted from USD to your local currencies (at least for most countries where PayPal service is available)
  • A good option for those who do not have a US bank account

Cons of PayPal Ezoic Payment method

  • PayPal charges are typically very high for conversion to another currency.
  • The eventual conversion rate is always low. Hence, publishers especially those in Africa, get a lower value for their money when converted to their local currency.
  • Charges for withdrawal are ridiculously unnecessary, especially for non-US residents.
  • PayPal is not available in many countries and its service is limited.

2. Bank Transfer or Prepaid Card Via Payoneer

Payoneer makes it possible to receive money in your local bank account either in local currency or in a local USD Domiciliary account.

All you need to do is fill out the form appropriately. If you are not sure of certain things, ask your bank or Payooner for details.

Alternatively, you could receive the money on your Payoneer Prepaid card.

Pros of Payooner Ezoic Payment Method

  • Ezoic payment can be transferred electronically to almost any bank in the world in local currency
  • In case there is a transaction fallback, your money remains in your Payoneer account. You and Payooner can reinitiate the transfer again as soon as you want. This is a much better option than your payment being deferred to Ezoic’s next payment cycle (30 days after).
  • If you want to use your Ezoic earnings to sort out some online transactions, the Payooner Prepaid card option is perfect. Albeit, you’d need to configure this on Payooner via their support.

Cons of Payooner Ezoic Payment Method

  • If you are not domiciled in the US but have a US bank account, receiving Ezoic earnings can be tough. Too much scrutiny, questions, and back-and-forths can be frustrating.
  • In case there is a fallback in transfer, Payooner support is horribly slow and can be annoying. In my experience, Payooner support is very terrible. It’s either they are short-staffed in the customer support department or they just don’t care.
  • You must have a Payoneer account to choose this payment option. For many reasons, you may not just like to open a Payoneer account.
  • You cannot choose a bank account already added to your Payoneer. From the Ezoic platform, you’re prompted always to add a new bank account even if you have many bank accounts added to your Payoneer.

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3. Check

Yes, Check just as it sounds. Ezoic can issue a Check to receive your Ezoic earnings.

This payment option is only available to US and Canadian residents.

Pros of Check Ezoic Payment Method

You get the exact amount of money earned without any deductions

Cons of Check Ezoic Payment Method

  • It is only available to people who live in the US and Canada. Most of the Ezoic publishers live outside the US and Canada, hence this option is not available to them.
  • It takes time to receive and clear a Check, unlike electronic money transfer.

4. Bank Transfer With Wise

Wise (formerly TrasnferWise) is an online payment platform that serves people almost in all countries.

In this case, Wise is like an invisible intermediary between Ezoic and your bank. They help Ezoic to make the money transfer into your bank account.

For most Ezoic publishers, Bank Transfer With Wise is probably the best option out of the available payment methods.

Pros of Ezoic Bank Transfer with Wise

  • You do not need to have a Wise account or Bank account. All you need to fill in your  Bank account details. That’s all.
  • Wise can convert USD to other supported currencies at a very cheap rate.
  • The transfer is fast and secure.

Cons of Ezoic bank Transfer With Wise

  • In case the transfer falls flat, you are tied with Ezoic, not Wise because your Wise account is not connected in the process. Payment may be deferred to the next cycle.

How to Create A USD Bank Account (for non-US residents)

So, I understand that many people reading this might not be living in the US.

If you live outside this region, the good news is that you can still get a US bank account.

Why is a US Bank Account important?

The earnings on Ezoic are in USD. You’ll get the most value for your money when you have a US bank account.

When you have intermediaries like PayPal do conversion to your local currency, you’ll be losing a lot of money.

Therefore, it is necessary for you to have a US bank account. What’s more, you can get it FREE of charge.

Let’s explore two options; Grey and Wise.


Grey is an online money platform that helps you swap currencies at the highest available rate.

Interestingly, you can have foreign bank accounts in any of the supported currencies.

For now Grey Supports the following currencies:

  • United States Dollar (USD)
  • EUROs (EUR)
  • Great Britain Pounds Sterling (GBP)
  • Nigerian Naira (NGN)
  • Ugandan Shillings (UGX)
  • Kenyan Shillings (KES)

So, if your local currency is any of these, you should open a Grey account immediately.

In the case of Ezoic where you earn USD, follow these steps to create your US Bank account and earn your money in full.

Create a Grey Account

Setting up a Grey account is super easy and needs no tutorial. In less than 5 minutes you’re done.

Apply for a USD bank account on Grey

On Grey, you can apply USD bank account. To do this, you’ll need a valid ID card and proof of address.

A bank statement from any of your local banks or any other utility bill could suffice as proof of address.

Once you fill in all the necessary info, you should have your USD bank account ready within the same day.

Add your USD Bank account to Ezoic

Assuming, you have your USD bank account ready, add it to Ezoic to start receiving your earnings straight in your bank account.

To do this, select the “Bank Transfer With Wise” option, and fill in your bank details accordingly.

Wise just needs your Bank Account number and Wire routing number.

Note that you can input a foreign bank account here too.

For example, if you want to receive your Ezoic earnings in GBP, input your GBP account details here. Wise would automatically convert your earnings to GBP and deposit them into your bank account.

I personally prefer to get my earnings in GBP though. Sometimes, USD bank accounts could have some complications.

Swap USD for your local currency on Grey

Once the money hits your USD bank account, Grey would notify you. Simply swap your USD for your local currency at the highest rate possible.

Just tap or click the “Swap” option to initiate this.

Alternatively, you could choose your desired currency on the Ezoic Payment option > Bank Transfer By Wise. Wise would automatically convert to your desired currency (if available).

Wise Bank Account 

Getting a USD bank account on Wise is similar to that of Grey except that you’ll need to pay about £20 (equivalence in your local currency) in your Wise account.

The money is still yours anyways and you can use it however you want. But Wise needs you to pay that money to secure your USD bank account.

Once your bank account is ready, every other process as with Grey remains almost the same.

Ezoic payment proof

For many reasons, you may need something to convince that Ezoic payment is real via these methods highlight.

See below a proof of Ezoic payment received for one of my sites.

Ezoic payment proof

This payment, of course, is automatically converted from USD.

Which Of The Ezoic Payment Methods is Best?

Well, depending on where you are based, any of these options may be good for you.

But one thing you should know is that Payooner has a very terrible support system. They will hardly respond to your email or handle your issue well especially if the money involved is small.

So, in case there is a fallback in money transfers, you’re stuck with them for as long as possible before you can get your funds out. I had a really terrible experience with them and I have since moved on.

Concerning PayPal, I hate that PayPal would charge me if I have to withdraw to my bank. Plus the rate is absurd to me. So, I stay away from them too as much as I can.

The check takes forever to arrive and clear and I need my money fast. So, that’s no option for me.

However, I personally like the Bank Transfer through Wise. Why? Because it is simple and straightforward and not exorbitant or hidden charges. From Ezoic straight to your bank account.

And if anything goes wrong, contact Ezoic back.

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At this point, you should know which of the Ezoic payment methods is best for you considering all factors.

For me, I prefer the Bank Transfer With a Wise option for the reasons explained above.

Also, it is important to remind you that if you do not live in the US, you can get a USD bank account on Grey or Wise. This ensures that you get the best value for your money.

On another note, if you are looking to get 3 times your current Ezoic earnings, read my guide.

Or if you are considering joining Ezoic, read up on the requirements here and learn how to fix your slow site.

12 thoughts on “Ezoic Payment Methods: Which is Best For You?”

  1. Thanks alot for the information. A great one. Please what other way to you receive payments because currently grey is not issuing a usd account and ezoic only accepts usd.

    • Simply choose bank transfer via WISE payment option on Ezoic then fill in your GBP bank details as provided by Grey. WISE would AUTOMATICALLY convert your USD earnings to GBP and would hit your Grey account in no time. From Grey, you can withdraw to your local currency. I am 100% sure this would work for you. Let me know how it goes.

  2. What a beautiful piece u got there man!, thank u so much. Please in regards to the transfer by wise, I have a Nigerian USD domiciliary account, can I use that instead? can wise send the funds directly to my Dom account then I’ll go withdraw from bank or must I create a foreign account on grey?

    • WISE should be able to send money to your DOM account directly as long as you fill properly for international WIRE transfer. However, do you really need the stress of going to the bank to withdraw and exchange to your local currency? Is that not too stressful? Grey takes out all those stress and you get very good exchange rates for that matter on grey. All the same, it’s your choice to make.

  3. Thank you for this well written article, Stephen.

    For some reasons, I was having a difficult time choosing a payment method to receive my Ezoic earnings.

    Even though I already had all the different accounts needed, (Payoneer, Grey, Wise, etc.)

    I have enough clarity now.


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