WhatsApp launches Message Disappearance Option

WhatsApp, now owned by Meta, launches a new feature – message disappearance option. The feature is currently being rolled out at the moment.

How Does The Message Disappearance Option Work on WhatApp?

The message disappearance option on WhatsApp works only when you receive a new message (a new chat). You can choose if you want the new message to disappear within 24 hours, 7 days, or 90 days.

See below how the Message disappearance option works on Whatsapp.

WhatsApp Message disappearance option

How Have Some WhatsApp Users Reacted To The News?

While a few users are welcomed the new feature, most users are quick to point out other features on WhatsApp that should be rolled out. Some anonymous users explain:

“While this is a good feature and I applaud it for the sake of privacy, it just doesn’t make sense that we can’t edit our captions on Whatsapp status. If you have a typo on a WhatsApp status, you just have to delete and repost. This can’t be happening in 2021. It’s retrogressive! Mark Fix it!! You can!! Don’t be obstinate like Twitter refuses to add an edit button.”

Please also add the feature to disable screenshots. I’m tired of old stuff I said being brought up again

Can you please add one more function? After 1 min disappear messages with 2 blue ticks because some people are like clouds when they disappear it is a brighter beautiful day

Is not a good idea! Sometimes we need to keep messages for a long time, we use WhatsApp for professional purposes.

Good idea but too lateTelegram has been providing this option almost for a year

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