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What is “US Domain Authority”? Is It Legit? Should I Pay For It?

Many website owners lately get an invoice from the “Us Domain Authority” asking them to pay for a service. Many are confused and do not know what to do. Never worry. In this writeup, you’ll find answers to: What is US Domain Authority? Is it legit? Do I have to pay them?

Let’s get to to it and get answers to these questions.

What Is US Domain Authority?

US Domain Authority is actually a directory website that lists businesses along with their address and other contact info. It is very similar to the popular Google My Business, Bing Places for business, Yelp etc.

Please understand that they have nothing to do with the common SEO terminology called “Domain Authority”.

You may be wondering is it is a legit website or not. Let’s find out.

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is US domain authority legit?

Is The US Domain Authority Legit?

To start with, it is better I explain how US Domain Authority operates.

They send fake bills to random website owners asking them to pay a bill for listing their business on

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See below a typical example of their fake bill.

US Domain Authority sample letter

Don’t forget that I already mentioned that they offer business listing service like Google my business etc.

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So, here is the question: how does US they get the contact details of website owners? Simply put, website owners who fail to protect their privacy from their domain registrar are vulnerable to receiving fake letters from them.

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Hint: Ask your domain registrar like Namecheap, GoDaddy etc. to be sure if your domain privacy is protected or not.

So, long story short, the US Domain Authority is not legit. Why? First they send “invoice” or letter to websites that are not even listed in the first place on their website then asking them to renew.

Second, if you make payment to them your domain will still not be listed or renewed.

Do I Have To Pay US Domain Authority?

Bearing in mind that they are not legit, please do not make any payment to them. If you do, your domain will not be listed after all and your money will be wasted.

What should you do?

  • Ignore them; do not click any link in the email
  • Report spam
  • Contact your Domain Registrar (like Namecheap) to ensure your domain information is private.

What if you want to actually list your business on a legit site?

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Legit business listing platforms

Below is a list of 50 business directories you can choose from instead of US Domain Authority.

SNBusiness Listing Platforms
1Facebook Page
2Instagram for Business
3Google My Business
4LinkedIn Company Directory
5Apple Maps
8HubSpot’s Solutions Directory
9Better Business Bureau
12Yahoo! Local
14Yellow Pages
15Angi, FKA Angie’s List
18Merchant Circle
20Dun & Bradstreet Business Directory
27City Squares
31Neustar Localeze
34Call Up Contact
36Just Landed
39City Local Pro
41Cylex US
46My Huckleberry


Long story short, the US domain authority is scam and should be avoided by all means.

Alternatively, you can sign up to legit business directories as listed above.

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