OFFICIAL: Users Can Now Publish on Instagram From Pc

After so many years, finally, users can now publish on Instagram from pc. Instagram listened to users’ requests by enabling users to publish content from the Desktop.

Since its official launch in 2012, Instagram users can only publish content from Mobile (and Tablet).

However, things have changed now. Publishing from Desktop is now a reality for all Instagram users.

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Why Was it Not Possible To Publish on Instagram From PC?

Although there are no official announcements as to why Instagram is so limited on the desktop but we can reach some logical conclusions.

Instagram launched with the mindset of getting users’ attention via mobile. Therefore, one of their goals is to keep users more on their app than anywhere else.

It explains why the platform’s functionality was so limited on the desktop.

Nonetheless, things have changed now. But why did Instagram change its desktop functionality? During the course of the pandemic till now, there’s been a meteoric rise in Instagram users via desktop. Hence, the need for a change.

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How To Publish on Instagram Via Desktop

To be honest, it’s quite easy to publish on Instagram from pc. Assuming you’re logged in to Instagram on the web, follow the simple steps below:

  • Click the “+” button at the top right corner of the page.
Button to publish on Instagram from pc
  • Click “select from computer” or simply drag videos or images from a folder.
upload pictures and videos on Instagram from pc
  • Click “next”, select filter and do all you usually do on the mobile app.

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What Does This News Mean For Individuals, Content Creators, and Brands?

Well, for individuals who are most likely on the “consuming” end of Instagram, maybe nothing much has changed.

Most people in this category are just on Instagram to watch other people’s posts while they are comfortable publishing their own posts from mobile.

This category of people don’t put so much effort into creating what a very large group of people can enjoy.

However, for creators, agencies, and brands, this is a big change. It likely makes their work easier. Having to upload a large (professionally edited) video on Instagram can be a pain.

Now, it’ll be easier to upload large video content on Instagram.

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What Next?

Instagram should be much more fun to use now. According to Techchruch, some exciting new features are being added to improve the experience of the platform.

For now, why don’t you try publishing on desktop and see how it feels like.

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