Types of SEO & Types of Search Engines Explained

The very mention of SEO is automatically interpreted as Google SEO. But really, is Google SEO the only SEO available for Internet Marketers? Do you know the types of Search Engines and SEO available?

In this article, you’ll be able to get accurate answers to the questions.

To begin, however, let’s talk about the term SEO.

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What Does SEO Mean?

SEO is an acronym that simply means Search Engine Optimisation.

Interestingly, there are so many TYPES of Search Engines and under each type of Search Engine there are so many options.

You may now wonder why an average internet marketer assumes SEO is all about Google.

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Types of Search Engines

Although there are many TYPES of Search Engines, I’lll highlight only the commonest types.

1. Web search Engines

Web Search Engines are probably the commonest type of Search Engines – they are designed to provide answers from across the web to people for each of their queries.

Examples of Web Search Engines

  • Google – The biggest Search Engine in the world and it accounts for about 90% of the market share.
  • Bing – owned by Microsoft, is another common web Search Engine.
  • Yahoo – It was the biggest Search Engine in the 90’s to early 2000’s before Google’s rise to prominence.
  • Yandex – is typically the web Search Engine for Russians.
  • Baidu – is the web Search Engine for Chinese people.
types of search engines (web) and their market share
Source: StatCounter

2. Video Search Engines

As the name implies, this is a search engine that provides ONLY VIDEOS as a solution or answer to people’s queries.

Unlike web Search Engines that provide almost all kinds of results (web page, Videos, images, etc.), the video Search Engines have ONLY VIDEOS to showcase.

Also, unlike the web Search Engines, there are not many varieties of options.

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Examples of Video Search Engines

  • YouTube – The biggest video Search Engine and second biggest Search Engine in the world.
  • Vimeo – The second biggest video Search engine but miles off YouTube’s standard.

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3. Visual Search Engines

Visual Search Engines are typically designed to provide visually appealing content as a solution to people’s queries.

Visual content could be videos or images.

Examples of Visual Search Engines

  • Pinterest – The biggest visual Search Engine that has about 38 Million active users.
  • Shutterstock – the biggest home for stock images and also a visual Search Engine.
  • Unsplash – another great option for Stock images and a useful visual Search ENgine
  • Pexels – is home to all kinds of visually appealing content and is as well a visual Search Engine.

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Is SEO All About Google?

At this point, it is clearer that there are so many types of search engines. But you may now wonder why almost all Internet Marketers assume SEO is all about Google.

Well, the simple reason why that assumption could be valid is because Google is the biggest Search Engine now. So, all online business owners or Internet Marketers work to please it.

So, it is easy to assume all SEO is about Google.

However, it is a wrong notion regardless because there are different types of SEO.

While Google is the biggest Search Engine in the world now, SEO generally is not all about Google.

Depending on your type of content, you want to optimise for various Search Engines.

For example, YouTube creators take their time to learn and implement YouTube SEO. Others work on Pinterest SEO instead etc.

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Bottom Line

Although Google is the biggest Search Engine now, it may be a smart move to diversify content and optimise for different types of Search Engines.

Also, understand that there are different types of SEO.

Relying solely on Google as the only Search Engine source of Traffic is very dangerous and is not even a smart move.

While you try to diversify your content and Search Engine strategy, educate people around you that SEO is not all about Google. There is more to it…

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