How To Add SEO-Friendly FAQ Block On WordPress

FAQ blocks are one of the best subtle ways to improve your SEO. In this post, i’ll show you how to add an SEO-friendly FAQ block on a WordPress site.

But before going further it is important for you to understand the importance of FAQ blocks to SEO.

What is FAQ Block?

FAQ blocks simply means Frequently Asked Questions blocks.

Practically, it means adding relevant questions to your article and providing answers.

But instead of just writing out the questions and answering them like you would normally type out paragraphs, there are ways to notify Search Engines about your FAQs and answers. This is the essence of this post.

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Why is FAQ Block Important?

First before anything else, FAQ sections provide broader solutions to a reader.

In this section, a reader may find answers to other questions that bother them about a topic.

Your ultimate success as a publisher is to COMPLETELY satisfy your reader with all necessary information they need. An FAQ section is a powerful way to fulfil that.

Second, when done properly, FAQ blocks notify Search Engines about your FAQs and answers. Hence, they could be available for any of the rich snippets on Google.

Third, your article stands a very good chance of ranking better when relevant questions are answered. Google would then see our content as a better “source” or “solution” for readers.

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How To Add FAQ Block On WordPress

To add an SEO-friendly block on WordPress, you’ll need to download RankMaths or Yoast SEO plugin.

For the purpose of this tutorial, I’ll use Yoast. However, the procedure is pretty much similar with any other similar plugin.

Follow these steps.

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1. Download and activate Yoast Plugin

The first step is to download and activate Yoast Plugin. Learn how to download and activate a WordPress plugin here.

In case you already have Yoast activated, fantastic. Skip this step.

2. Add Block and Search For FAQ

To add an FAQ block on your WordPress site, simply click the “+” button to add a block and search for “FAQ” in the given search box.

Then you’ll see the “Yoast FAQ” block. Select it.

Viola! You now have an SEO-friendly FAQ block in your content.

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3. Write Questions and Answers In The FAQ Block

In the block, the first box is the Question section while the other is for answer.

Simply write your well researched questions in the question box then hover and click on the answer box to start writing your answer.

(Note: Pressing ENTER after writing your question may not take the cursor to the answer section. You’ll be required to hover and click on the answer box to start writing your answers.)

4. Publish

Once you are done with your questions and answers, simply hit the “publish” button or “update”, as the case may be.

5. Double-check on GSC if Google Recognises your FAQ

After publishing your FAQ block, there is a need to be sure that search engines can “read” your block as FAQ and so treat them accordingly on the result page.

For Google, the best place to check for this is the Search Console.

To do this, simply copy the url of your newly published FAQ content and inspect them on the Google Search Console.

If the content is not yet indexed, no worries.

Test the url live to see if the Google bot can understand or read your FAQ block.

Go to the “enhancement” section, then you should see the FAQ.

If for any reason, you do not find FAQ under enhancement, 

  • Wait for some time and try again; or
  • Redo your FAQ block.

Where Should FAQ Blocks Be? Beginning or Ending of An Article?

It is entirely up to you where to add your FAQ block However, you must consider what is best for your readers.

As for Search Engines, wherever you place the FAQ block does not really matter. They would still “read” and “interpret” your FAQ block correctly wherever you put them.

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Why You Should Start Using FAQ Blocks More Frequently

To be candid, you should be using the FAQ block more frequently. Why? FAQ blocks are one of the most uncommon ways to improve your SEO.

The strategy is not popular yet very useful.

In fact, it is surprising how the FAQ blocks are grossly underused today.

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Now that you know how important and underused the FAQ blocks are to SEO, you should start using the strategy more frequently.

As reminder, these are the 5 steps you need to take to add FAQ block to your WordPress site:

  • Download and activate Yoast Plugin
  • Add block and search for FAQ
  • Write questions and answers
  • Publish
  • Check on Google Search Console

Start taking advantage of this powerful yet underused strategy to beat your competitors!

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