How To Activate Apple ID for podcast

After launching a new podcast, it is important to distribute your podcast on all platforms. Apple podcast is one of the best platforms to distribute your podcast but the challenge is many people do not know how to activate Apple ID.

To submit your Podcast on Apple Podcast, you must activate your Apple ID.

I had this same experience and it was frustrating until U got a solution that worked. In this post, I’ll share with you what you must do to fix it.

Why You Need To Activate Apple ID To Submit Podcast

Getting an Apple ID is simple. All you need to do is create an account.

Even after getting an Apple ID, you still won’t be able to submit your Podcast on Apple Podcast. Why?

Apple needs to verify that you are able to use other Apple products in order to make your ID active.

Solution: How To Activate Apple ID And Submit Podcast On Apple

Follow the steps below to activate your Apple ID in order for your podcast to be live on Apple Podcast:

  • Download Apple Music on your smartphone.
  • Log in to the same Apple account and ID on Apple Music
  • Accept the new terms and conditions.
  • Finish setting up your account. You do not need to subscribe to any Apple music plan though. Just having your Apple ID active on Apple Music would suffice.
  • Go to Apple Podcast, clear your browser cache, and refresh the page. Your Podcast should be live on Apple Podcast.

What To Do Next…

Once your Apple ID is active Apple would be able to receive your Podcast but it does not end there.

Your Podcast would go straight to the Apple Podcast draft.

Under show information, you need to fill in some information before your Podcast can be published otherwise, it will remain in draft and no one on Apple Podcast would be able to view or listen to it.

show information on Apple Podcast

See the information you need to fill in below.

Podcast details on Apple Podcast

After filling in this information, you need to save and PUBLISH.

save podcast information on Apple Podcast

Also, make sure your Podcast information has a handful of relevant keywords that are being (likely to be) searched on Apple Podcast for the purpose of SEO.

Final Thought

You MUST submit your Podcast on Apple podcast if you want to grow your podcasting business. But as mentioned, submitting could be a bit tricky.

The major challenge is getting your Apple ID active. To do this, simply install Apple Music and set up your account and your Podcast should be available on Apple Podcast.

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