How Often Should I Post On My Blog? [Expert Answer]

As a blogger, it is very normal to find out how often you should post content on your blog. No one wants to take the wrong step.

You may have heard differing opinions about how often you should publish and are confused.

Anyway, at the end of this post, you’ll know how often you should publish on your blog.

First, let’s consider the two Schools of thoughts about how often you should publish.

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School Of Thought 1 – Publish As Often As Possible

You must have heard or read that you should publish as often as possible on your blog.

The reason they likely give is that publishing often helps to increase your organic traffic.

The truth is that it makes sense to publish regularly as a blogger.

But does it mean you cannot be successful as a blogger if you cannot publish regularly?

Let’s consider the second school of thought.

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School Of Thought 2 – It’s Ok To Publish Once In A While

On the other hand, some experts may tell you, it’s ok to publish once in a while.

This school of thought further preaches that while you publish occasionally, you can get to do other important things that could improve your blog.

For example, maybe in your first 3 months of your blog you have say just 10 published posts but in the same period, you have taken time aside to feature on other blogs while linking to your blog. 

Or you’ve taken time to do other forms of marketing or promotion so you can have a group of small audiences then continue publishing regularly.

Again, this school of thought makes sense too.

But what if you think promoting consumes too much effort and would rather use the time to publish regularly because you think it yields better results? Can you be successful as a blogger if I only publish regularly without doing any external promotion?

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Verdict: How Often You Post On Your Blog?

Having considered both schools of thought, it is now time to answer the questions: how often should you publish on your blog? How many blog posts per week or month is ideal?

The reality is that both schools of thought are valid and very practical. However, they work best for differing situations.

To put it straight, if your blog is new and you are desperately looking for a minimal lift off or reasonably stable organic traffic, you should publish very frequently and consistently.

That consistency over a defined period of time, say 2-3 months, will help you gather the momentum needed to start getting reasonable organic traffic.

It somewhat means that you are telling the Search Engines ”I’m ready for business, index my post more often and show it up”.

However, if you’ve gained a stable or minimally reasonable attention from the search engines – getting about 80-100 visitors daily, there really is no problem with not publishing as frequently as when you started off.

If you want to focus more on link building or any other promotional activities alongside publishing, that’s fine. The time for publishing frequently will reduce but it’s ok.

On the other hand, if you want to start with just 5-10 published posts, then pause to promote your blog, before getting back to publishing frequently, you’re good to go.

But one thing you must keep in mind is: the more content you have means more “channels” or “pathways” for inviting visitors to your website.

So, the bottomline is to publish as many quality posts as you CAN. 

There is no set rule of how many posts to publish in week or month. But if you have the time to focus on just publishing, 3-5 quality posts per week is not a bad routine. 

All that matters is consistency whenever you choose to start it.

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Do not let anyone set a rule of what works for them for you as circumstances differ. Trying to match up to someone else’s target number of posts may not work for you.

However, if you have the time, write as often as you can. Set a reasonable weekly target for yourself.

But if you’d rather split your time for publishing for other meaningful things like link building, blog commenting, etc. you still can attain success.

In some niches, you only need to write quality content consistently over time to grow naturally and organically on the search engine. 

In other niches, you really need to get backlinks to get your desired growth – publishing consistently alone cannot get you there.

Understanding these fundamental principles should guide you to fix an appropriate timetable or schedule that you think would work best for you, considering your time and niche.

So, if you are asked again, how often should you post on your blog? Only you can answer that. But this post is able to guide you to make a decision that works best for you.

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