Google Site Kit For WordPress: Why You Should Use It

Google Site Kit plugin is one useful WordPress plugin that I recommend to you. In this post, I’ll let you know the plugin is important and how to get the best of it.

Even if you already have the plugin, you’ll learn one or two things that you probably never knew about it.

What is Google Site Kit Plugin?

The Google Site Kit plugin is a WordPress plugin that helps to easily connect your WordPress site to all relevant Google tools.

With the help of this simple plugin, you can easily connect your website to Adsense, Google Search Console, Analytics, and many more.

Important Functions of The Google Site Kit Plugin

Of course, the Google Site Kit plugin has many functions but I’ll highlight only the most important ones that I have tried myself.

1. Integrate Google Search Console

With the Google Site Kit plugin, you can easily connect your WordPress site to the Google Search console.

Why is this important?

  • Get access to data from your GSC without leaving your WordPress dashboard or page.
  • Track individual post performance on Google.

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2. Easily Connect Google Analytics

I’m sure you know how important Google Analytics is to your publishing business.

With the Google Site Kit plugin, you easily connect your site to Analytics.

Why is this important?

  • Automatically place Google Analytics tracking code in your website header without using another plugin. This is very important because it reduces the number of plugins you’ll use.
  • Get an overall posts performance report on your WordPress dashboard without leaving your site.

3. Integrate Google Adsense

If you are monetizing your site with Google Adsense, you should consider using the Site Kit plugin.

In fact, to get better results, make sure you have connected your Adsense to Analytics.

Why is this important?

  • Automatically place Google Adsense code on your website without needing a 3rd party plugin for that. It saves you the stress of downloading another plugin just to insert Adsense code.
  • See an overview of total earnings for a specified period on one dashboard
  • Get individual reports of posts getting you the highest earnings.

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4. Central Page speed test

Google Site Kit Plugin lets you access the Pagespeed insight on your WordPress site.

Why is this important?

  • See how fast an individual page is within your WordPress dashboard.
  • Get a detailed report on how to improve the Core Web vitals of each page.

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5. Topic Ideas

So this is one new feature on the Google Site Kit plugin. The feature is in the beta stage for now though.

Why is this important?

  • Right from your WordPress dashboard, you get topic ideas or inspiration.
  • In a single click, you can add a topic as a draft while you develop the topic later.

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6. Aggregate Dashboard Solution

On the Google Site kit dashboard itself, you have access to all the above functions at a single glance.

  • Why is this important?
  • Instead of opening 4-5 tabs on your browser, you get important data and information on the Google Site Kit dashboard.
  • You do not need to copy a link to your post to get a Search Console report on that post. On the Google Site Kit dashboard, simply go to the search box and type one or two words from the topic of a post you want to get a report about.

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The Google Site kit plugin is indeed very useful especially when you use many of Google’s tools.

If you are contemplating, I suggest you download the plugin and start using it already. It is FREE.

What do you like most about the Google Site Kit plugin?

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