SEO Writing Assistants: The Best Google Docs Tools

For any SEO or Blogger, Google Docs is one of the best tools. In this post, you’ll find out the SEO tools and writing assistants you can use with Google Docs.

In case you missed it, I already wrote a detailed guide on how to write SEO-friendly content with the Google Docs. Here, you’ll find out tools that complement the skill.

Without wasting time, let’s get to it.

1. SEMrush SEO Writing Assistant

If you are an SEO or blogger and Google docs is your favorite writing tool, then the SEMrush SEO writing assistant is a tool you must use.

The tool would help you optimize your content for your chosen keyword or phrase.

SEMrush SEO writing assistant

More to it, the tool optimizes the readability of your content just like other WordPress SEO plugins.

If you are familiar with how Yoast SEO plugin work on WordPress, then you’ll understand SEMrush SEO writing assistant. They work pretty much the same way except that they work on different platforms.

In addition, the SEMrush SEO writing assistant tracks the tone and originality of your content like Grammarly and Copyscape would do.

To be fair, the SEMrush SEO writing assistant is one of the best Google docs writing tools.

2. GDoc SEO Assistant

Just like SEMrush SEO writing assistant, the GDoc SEO assistant is a wonderful tool to help you write SEO friendly article on Google Docs.

GDoc SEO assistant

The cool thing about this SEO tool is that you can optimize your content with multiple keywords. With some other WordPress plugins, you’ll have to pay to have access to this functionality.

Learn more about the GDoc SEO assistant and get started with it.

However, to be candid, this tool is not as powerful as the SEMrush SEO writing assistant but works very well too.

3. SEO Content Optimization Tool

The SEO content optimization Addon is one of the most useful tools or writing assistants on Google Docs.

One key function of this tool is that it helps you discover relevant questions that you can answer in your content. This is very similar to how the FAQ blocks work on WordPress.

Interestingly, you can optimize your content for more than one key phrase with this tool on Google docs.

Uniquely, the tool grades your content optimization in alphabets – A, B, C etc.

SEO content optimization tool for Google Docs

Connect your Google Docs to SEO Content Optimization tool now.

4. SEO Content Writing Assistant

The SEO Content Writing Assistant addon is another good SEO tool on Google Docs.

Its main functionality is optimizing your chosen keyword in your content.

The unique thing about this tool is that it rates your keyword optimization over 10 instead of over 100 like most tools.

SEO content writing assistant Google Docs

My personal feedback on the tool is that it does just the basic – optimizing keyword and that’s just about it. Other tools mentioned above do more.

Nonetheless, if you are looking for just the basic SEO stuff on Google Docs, you download the SEO Content Writing Assistant Addon.

5. NeaText

NeaText is a bit different from other Google Docs SEO tools or writing assistants mentioned here.

With just your Keyphrase, NeaText would help you generate headings, lists, Slugs, alt text for images and more that can be used in your content.

The tool is like an hands-off approach that makes thing easier and faster.

NeaText SEO tool on Google Docs

To be candid, the NeaText is very useful SEO tool. You can give it a shot.

6. SEOClarity Content Fusion

The primary focus in using this tool is that it guides you to write an authoritative content. That’s the big idea with SEOClarity content Fusion.

It is very possible that you have heard of E-A-T and how it relates to SEO. SEOClarity content fusion can help you improve your E-A-T if you write on Google Docs.

The tool can make suggestions because it is powered by inbuilt AI functionality.

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7. DocPress.It

Suppose you use WordPress and enjoy writing on Google Docs, and DocPress.It is a perfect tool for you.

With the DocPress.It Addon, you can easily export your article and publish it on your WordPress site.

publish article on WordPress from Google docs with docpress.it

To make it even better, you can optimize your content for SEO and retain the same setting as you publish on your WordPress site.

To better understand how Docpress.it works, watch the video below.

In my honest opinion, Docpress.it is one of the best SEO tools or writing assistants for Google Docs.

8. Frase

Frase for Google docs SEO tool

One unique function of Frase is that you can analyze your competitors’ content and implement the same strategy in your content.

Just like other SEO tools for Google Docs mentioned here, you can optimize your content with selected keywords after making careful research.

Although the tool is not the most powerful Google Docs SEO tool, it can still be a helpful guide.

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How To Install And Use Addons on Google Docs

Now that you have a handful of SEO tools and writing assistants at your disposal, it is also important to know how to install these Addons on your Google Docs.

Simply click the “+” on the right-centre Payne on the Google Docs dashboard after opening a document.

how to install addons on Google Docs

Next, in the search bar, type the name of the addon you want to install.

Google Workspace Marketplace

Simply click install and that’s it.

Install SEMrush SEO Writing assistant


All the Google Docs SEO tools highlighted here are very useful in their way, depending on what you are looking for.

In my personal opinion, SEMrush SEO Writing Assistant is the complete SEO tool for Google Docs because of its ease and extensive functionality.

In addition, another very powerful SEO tool I recommend for Google Docs is DocPress.It. Why? Simply because you can optimize your content for SEO and publish directly to your WordPress site from Google Docs.

In fact, you can use both the SEMrush tool and DocPress.it on Google Docs as both can be complementary.

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