Ezoic Free WordPress Hosting Review: Worth the Switch?

In case you do not know, Ezoic offers free WordPress hosting, but many people need to read a review to decide. Honestly, it is a smart thing to look for reviews before doing something online.

I actually had the same fear or scepticism, but I never saw any review online to guide me except Ezoic’s own article about their Free WordPress hosting. So, I took the risky approach to try hosting DigitalAcce on Ezoic.

Having hosted DigitalAcce on Ezoic for a while now, I felt it is important to share my review with anyone who may need it badly.

However, before going into details, it is important to know Ezoic Requirements for monetization. See below the potential benefits of hosting your WordPress Site on Ezoic.

Pros of Ezoic WordPress Hosting

Free of Charge

One of the best things about Ezoic WordPress hosting is that it is free of charge, yes, absolutely free.

WordPress hosting costs about $80 – $300 per year, depending on your host.

Imagine saving $80 – $300 every year. That’s a lot, especially if you’re just getting started.

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Performance Improvement

To be candid, the performance of my website improved after switching host to Ezoic. Notably, the Pagespeed insight score and Core Web Vital improved.

Also, there was a slight improvement in the website’s load speed.

However, if you experience a slow site with Ezoic ads, follow this guide to fix it.

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STFP Access

Ezoic Free WordPress hosting provides SFTP credentials for all hosted sites. These credentials include SFTP username, password, Host (or server), and Port.

With these credentials, you can access your site files hosted on the Ezoic server.

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Ezoic offers support if you host your WordPress site on their platform. So, if you are stuck in migrating your site to their platform, you can always reach out to them.

This is a huge bargain because you’re getting the service for free. However, from my experience, the support is not so fast.

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Cons of Ezoic Free WordPress Hosting:

No Cpanel

At the moment, Ezoic free WordPress hosting has no Cpanel, but they plan to launch it anytime soon.

But the truth is that you can do without it.

As highlighted above, the SFTP credentials provided give access to your website files.

Also, you can use 3rd party solutions for emails, CDN, or other important stuff on your website.

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Final Verdict

From my experience, Ezoic free WordPress hosting has a good review so far. I’ll update this content if I ever encounter any serious issues.

So, if you are considering hosting your WordPress site on Ezoic, you should not encounter any serious issues.

However, you’ll need to keep a few things in mind:

  • To host your website on Ezoic for free, you must be approved and integrate your website via nameservers or Cloudflare.
  • Always back up your website regularly. There are several WordPress plugins that could help you with that.

Overall, you should enjoy hosting your website on Ezoic for free.

UPDATE: Ezoic Free WordPress is hosting has not been the best in recent time. I frequently experienced downtime for up to 24 hours on several occasions. I was forced to move to CloudWays and it is worth every Penny.

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  1. I’m using hostinger currently, but as soon as I hear about ezoic FREE WordPress hosting plan, I’m on the way to migrate my site.

    Really, who don’t want to save that money.


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