Cloud Hosting vs web hosting: Which Is Better?

It is very common to compare cloud vs web hosting because they are similar in some ways.

In the course of this content, you’ll get to know what both hosting type mean, the difference and my recommendation based on experience.

What is Web Hosting?

Web hosting or the traditional hosting is hosting or saving websites files on a particular company’s server on the internet.

This one server, as large as it may be would the host as many websites as possible.

Let’s take Bluehost, for example. They have a large server on the internet where all websites on their records are being hosted.

Web hosting is generally always cheaper. Why? Just one server serves thousands of people. Every new website added on the server is not necessarily adding to the cost from the host side.

Also, if that one big server is faulty, it may affect all websites hosted on it.

The most common type of webhosting is Shared hosting. However, we have Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting, and dedicated server hosting.

What is Cloud Hosting?

Cloud hosting on the other hand, is different from the regular hosting. As the name implies, websites are hosted in cloud servers.

These servers are obviously numerous and work together harmoniously.

If one of the servers is faulty or inaccessible, websites or applications hosted on the server would still be accessible. How? The server would easily change to another functional one.

In essence, applications or websites are hosted numerous cloud servers that all work together.

The Similarities Between Cloud Hosting vs Web Hosting

Cloud vs web hosting is not all about differences. Both have similarities and that is why they are often compared together.

  • One main similarities between Cloud and web hosting is that both websites and applications can be hosted on the internet with both services.
  • Both cloud and web hosting companies offer customer support at varying levels.

The Difference Between Cloud Hosting vs Web Hosting

Even though they are similar, cloud vs web hosting has many differences. Let’s consider some of them.

cloud hosting vs web hosting
  • In the case of web hosting, there is one server ‘physical’ server on the internet that stores all applications data. However, for cloud hosting, data are stored on multiple servers in the cloud.
  • When a web host server is down, all applications hosted on it goes down. However, for cloud hosting, applications would still function well because source servers would switch automatically switch.
  • A Web hosting company usually have the better bargain, not the customer because they make money off the same server used so many people without any obvious extra cost. Cloud hosting on the other hand, has a much balanced bargain between customers and hosting company because each customer is offered ‘something new’ and not generally used by everyone.
  • Web hosting has a fixed amount per package and doesn’t really care how much resources is actually consumed. Cloud hosting cost or value is based on how much resources your applications used in the previous month. You’ll pay the same amount per month on web hosting even if you don’t use resources worth up to that amount. Cloud hosting lets you pay for only what you used.
  • Web hosting are generally cheaper when compared to cloud hosting.
  • Ideally, web hosting is easier to manage as it doesn’t require any technical background. Any educated person can manage a web hosting service. On the other hand, Cloud hosting requires some technical skills. But the good news is that CloudWays makes cloud hosting super easy for every common person.

My Recommendation

Having highlighted the similarities and differences between web and cloud hosting, here are my recommendations:

Web hosting are quite cheaper. So, I recommend that a complete newbie may start with a web hosting service because of its affordability.

However, as your website gets bigger, I strongly recommend that you switch to a cloud hosting company as it offers more reliability, better performance plus speed and can handle more complexities.

As you may (or may not) know, managing cloud hosting is not for everyone. It requires some real technical skills. But with CloudWays, managing cloud servers is as easy as ABC. I recommend that you sign up to CloudWays now.

In case you need more convincing about Cloudways, read my indepth review of their service.

Is Cloud Hosting Better Than Web Hosting?

Having considered all relevant factors surrounding both services, it is safe to say that Cloud hosting is much better than the regular web hosting service for the following reasons:

  • Cloud hosting offers better performance and speed.
  • You get to have your own cloud server to host your websites and applications unlike the regular hosting company that offers the same server to everyone.
  • Websites files and data are safer in the Cloud servers than on the regular web hosting server.
  • With cloud hosting, you pay for what you use not a permanent or fix price per package.
  • The latest version of your site is served especially when changes are made. Caching issues are minimal.

Final Thought

The web vs cloud hosting debate should be put to bed already.

Both services are good for varying levels of needs.

However, from the broader perspective, Cloud hosting is a better option. In fact, it is an upgrade to the regular hosting service common today.

Again, I recommend Cloudways. I’ve been with Cloudways for years now and I love every bit of their service.

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