Checklist For AdSense Approval [2023 updated]

Google AdSense is one of the easiest Display Ad Networks to join. So, I understand why you need a trick or checklist for AdSense approval.

In case you do not know, Display Ads is one of the best ways to monetize a site. So, the earlier you tap into it, the better for you.

Good enough, platforms like AdSense welcome all kinds of publishers – new or old – on their platform only if you follow a simple checklist for approval – which I’ll share with you.

The good thing about AdSense is that your site can be approved within a month after launching it. Unlike other Ad networks, you need huge traffic to be approved, that’s not the case with AdSense.

Now, let’s get to the trick for AdSense approval one after another.

1. Write Quality Content

The need to write quality content cannot be over-emphasized in this business. In fact, it is a core principle and should be part of our work ethic as publishers.

Unfortunately, however, quality content is not common and that is why it has to be emphasized again here.

Why Is Quality Content Important For AdSense Approval?

The internet is saturated with scrappy content. In fact, I’ve seen about 5 websites having almost the same H1 and H2‘s for the same keyword on the SERP.

Google AdSense team needs to ensure that your content is valuable enough to readers.

Imagine a cheating student who wins a scholarship and was awarded a student grant. If the Scholarship awarding body found out he cheated, would they not rescind the Scholarship award?

The point here is clear – it makes no logical sense to be paid for cheating or doing what is not valuable.

Similarly, the AdSense team needs your content to be of high quality because it is the least requirement for any publisher. Therefore AdSense cannot approve your site for monetization if your content is of low value – it is like cheating.

Another reason why quality content is important for AdSense approval is that Advertisers would not be happy if their ads are being placed on sites with little value.

Ask yourself: If you want to advertise your business would you choose to do that on a site of low-value content?

Remember that it is Google’s responsibility to protect its advertisers, so, sites with low-value content would not be approved by the AdSense team.

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Quality Content Checklist For AdSense Approval

  • Content must be free of plagiarism. Use Copyscape or Duplichecker to check for plagiarism free.
  • Even if you beat plagiarism, your topic or H1 must not be exactly the same as with another website. Mix words naturally.
  • Subheadings must not be exactly the same or in the same order as other content. Rearrange the order or create a new order or subheadings that are unique to only you.
  • Avoid Stock images because they are NOT unique. Create your own unique design. The creative simple design has never been easier with Canva.
  • Choose a niche you know so well that you can write with your eyes closed and not need to research other websites for ideas. Writing off your head is the best way to stay unique.

Long story short, writing quality content is one big trick for AdSense Approval because the review will be done by real humans.

2. Have A Good About Us Page

If you want Google AdSense approval for your website fast, one other trick is that you must have a meaningful ‘About us‘ page.

Why you may ask.

Well, the Google AdSense team needs to be sure that your publishing business has a genuine purpose. Having an ‘about us’ page further legitimizes your blog – one that provides real value.

What Information should be in your About Us Page?

There is no specific rule about what should be on your ‘About us’ page. However, the general rule of thumb is that the information there must give a clear picture or summary of what your blog is all about.

The following information is very important:

  • What your blog is all about
  • A brief history of the blog – how and when it was formed.
  • Categories of types of content published
  • Name of founder
  • Link to other pages – contact page, Advert pages, etc.

3. Contact Details Must Be Clear

Another important checklist for AdSense approval is the contact page.

Do you have a proper “Contact us” page?

Why is Contact Page an Important Checklist For Google AdSense Approval?

Having a Contact page on your blog simply means you are ready for business.

Think about it; which legit business do you know that has no physical address, email, and contact number?

Google AdSense team expects the same from your online publishing business.

Moreover, it makes sense for you as a publisher to have a contact page so your readers can reach out to you.

What should you include on your Contact Page?

At the very least, a functional email address should be on your contact page.

Other publishers decide to include names, physical addresses (if applicable), social media profiles, etc.

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4. Privacy Policy Must Be Disclosed

This is one very important checklist for AdSense approval that many publishers take for granted.

You must have a Privacy Policy page for AdSense to approve your blog.

Why is Privacy Policy Page Important for AdSense approval?

There is so much information in the Privacy Policy but in this case, what matters most is to declare how your readers’ data will be used for ads purposes.

Typically, when new visitor lands on your page, they are urged to accept cookies. These cookies track your readers’ interest on the internet so the most appropriate ads can be served to them.

Ideally, you are legally required to disclose this information to your readers and that’s what the Privacy Policy page does.

Therefore, the Google AdSense team expects you to have this full disclosure on your site as it makes you compliant with their policy.

How to generate a Google AdSense-compliant Privacy Policy page

If you do not know how to go about with a Google-compliant Privacy Policy page, you can easily generate one specific to your site.

Generate your Privacy Policy content here.

5. Make Navigation Easy For Readers

Have you ever visited a website and you do seem to find your way back to the homepage, or you cannot find the navigational menu at all?

It feels awkward and annoying, isn’t it? If almost everyone feels that way about your site, how then would you make money from display ads? It defeats the essence of having Google AdSense in the first place.

One thing we must remember is that Google makes money only when you make money from AdSense.

Properly setting up your site navigation is very crucial to your earnings.

User Experience Trick For Fast AdSense Approval

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6. Show Publish Date

So, it happened that one of my sites was rejected by AdSense twice. It was strange because it hardly happens and I thought I’d done everything right.

So, I took my time to scrutinize every detail on that site and realized that the publish date of my articles was not available. I turned it on, reapplied, and got approved in less than a week.

It was then I knew that was the problem.

My advice; is always to show the dates your article was published. It helps readers or the Google AdSense team know how often you publish.

Moreover, people just feel awkward when they cannot find the publish date of the article they are reading.

On the other hand, if you want to make your old article feel new, there are two things you can do:

  1. Republish the article
  2. Indicate the date the article is “last updated”. This plugin could help you do that if you use WordPress.

7. Make Sure Your Site Is Indexed On Google

If you are going to stand any chance of being a “friend” to Google AdSense, don’t you think you should have “a close bond” with the Search Engine?

Many times, some publishers’ sites have issues with indexing for various reasons. It is always advisable to fix these issues before applying for AdSense.

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8. If Rejected… Publish More Content

If Google AdSense rejects your site, the first thing to do is revisit this checklist for approval. Make necessary corrections if need be.

However, if you have successfully followed the checklist, understand that Google’s stated reason for rejecting you may sound vague.

Instead of complaining, I suggest that you publish more content then reapply.

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I am confident that this checklist would help you gain AdSense approval if you carefully follow it.

If you have tried everything stated here and you still do not get AdSense approval, I could personally review your site and let you know what you need to do. You can book an appointment with me.

If you enjoyed reading this article, you should find out about Ezoic Free WordPress hosting, how to write blog post conclusions, and how to update old content for SEO.

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