27 Best YouTube Channels To Learn SEO [Detailed Guide]

The best platform for many beginners who wish to learn SEO for free is YouTube. I’ll show you the best YouTube Channels to Learn SEO for free.

These Channels are not just based on my own experience. Like me, many others have learned SEO a great deal from these channels.

I know someone who makes as much as $20,000 monthly from their blog, and they learned SEO from these Channels.

Interestingly, she worked as an SEO for many years before starting her blog, but she confessed that she learned more on YouTube than from her work experience.

This means that; these YouTube Channels I’m about to share with you are goldmines that can help you if you are ready to work.

1. Income School

Income school is one of the best YouTube Channels to learn SEO.

The YouTube Channel will educate you on how to get organic traffic to your blog and make money.

On the Channel, you’ll learn everything from keyword Research, to internal linking, content writing and everything about SEO.

I suggest that you visit them and subscribe now if you want to scale your content marketing business.

By the way, here is one of their video on Keyword Research. You should learn from it:

2. Passive Income Geek

Another YouTube Channel that can take you from zero to hero is Passive Income Geek.

On the YouTube channel, you learn everything about making money online. However, he has some dedicated categories for blogging and SEO-related stuff.

To be candid, the strong point of this channel is to help you make a guided decision about monetizing your sites.

Below is one of his videos discussing the best-paying niches from display ads. You should find it helpful…

I suggest you subscribe to this YouTube channel to learn how to scale your content marketing business.

3. Matt Diggity

Matt is one sound SEO professional whom I’ve learned personally.

Although his YouTube Channel is generally about marketing, he specifically has a very sound knowledge of SEO.

Ok, don’t take my word for it. Watch his video about how to get SEO traffic without building links.

If you enjoyed watching the video, I’m sure you’ll enjoy all his other videos. My advice: subscribe to his channel now.

4. Authority Hacker

So, here is another YouTube Channel to learn SEO – Authority Hacker.

Ok, the Channel is not just about SEO, though. It’s generally about making money online.

To put it straight, an Authority hacker would help you better if you are monetizing your site with Affiliate Marketing.

In case you are in doubt about where to start or level up your Affiliate Marketing skills, you should watch this video:

I suggest you subscribe to the channel when you are through with the video.

5. Fat Stacks

If you are looking for a YouTube Channel to learn SEO and affiliate marketing Fat Stacks is the right place.

The Channel dispenses valuable information about building niche sites and monetizing with affiliate marketing.

The good thing here is that his major source of traffic is SEO so you can learn from some of his tricks.

In one of his videos, he explained some key SEO techniques that should increase your website’s visitors.

Watch and subscribe.

6. Adam Enfroy

The good thing about Adam Enfroy Channel is that he teaches everything about blogging and making money.

On the Adam Enfroy YouTube Channel, you can learn SEO too.

In one of his videos, he discussed how he became successful in blogging after two years of hard work. Watch below:

7. Miles Beckler

Miles beckler is one of the best YouTube Channels to learn SEO.

Generally, his tips are about how to make money online. But as you can imagine, one of his sources of income is blogging. So, he has a good knowledge of SEO.

However, his strongest point is teaching you how to make money if you already have decent traffic.

Nonetheless, you can find his channel helpful if you are still growing your blog.

8. Doug Cunnington

If you struggle with the technical side of SEO, maybe you should watch more of Doug Cunnington videos.

In one of his videos, he explained how to improve your website Page speed.

You’ll find the video helpful even if you are a complete novice.

Also, you’ll get many other SEO and Niche site hacks on his channel if you subscribe.

9. Carl Broadbent

On his YouTube Channel, Carl Broadbent explains everything about blogging and making money online.

In one of his videos, he explained how he got over 100K Pageviews on one of his sites. You can learn from him:

10. Emilia Gardner

Emilia Gardner may be your hero if you are a lady and looking for a female SEO mentor.

On her YouTube Channel, Emilia Gardner discusses everything about building and monetizing niche sites.

She provides month-by-month reports and updates on her niche sites.

You should learn a lot from her if you are into building and monetizing multiple sites.

11. Marketing Solved

As you may know, SEO is not just about Google. There are several methods of getting organic traffic aside from Google.

The Marketing Solved YouTube Channel, owned by Julian Sullivan, is one of the best places to learn Pinterest SEO.

Although her YouTube Channel is about sharpening your marketing skills, you can learn Pinterest SEO and other marketing hacks to improve your blogging business.

12. Luke Jordan

On his Channel, Jordan explains everything about making money online.

If you follow him, you’ll learn important lessons in SEO and other techniques to grow your organic traffic.

In one of his videos, he explained how he got 1 Million page views on one of his sites. You should learn a lot from it.

13. Julian Goldie SEO

The key message of this YouTube channel is to teach you how to build backlinks.

So, to build backlinks, you should follow Julian Goldie on YouTube.

Julian launched his free link-building book recently, and you can get it on Amazon. See what he says about the book:

Julian has link building agency, so he has very sound knowledge of outreach and other free linking-building processes. You’ll learn a lot from him.

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14. Niche Pursuits

Spencer Haws discusses online entrepreneurship on the Niche Pursuits YouTube Channel.

Of course, SEO is a crucial part of online entrepreneurship, which is well highlighted on the Channel.

Sometimes, he invites top SEO guys on his Channel to tackle important topics.

One of his videos actually highlights how to make money on your website while making good use of the video approach.

This video complements my research finding that videos have better influence on SEO than images.

All in all, you should learn a lot from Niche Pursuit YouTube Channel.

15. Shaun Marrs

On the Shaun Marrs YouTube Channel, you can learn how to get organic traffic and monetize your blog.

If your blog is new and wants more organic reach, subscribe to his channel fast.

In one of his videos below, he explained how keyword research is overrated as I’ve explained before.

16. The Affiliate School

If you monetize your website with affiliate marketing, you should be following the Affiliate School on YouTube.

The Channel teaches a little about SEO but primarily focuses on how to be a better Affiliate Marketer.

In case you are ever in doubt, Jason Mills highlighted the best WordPress themes for Affiliate Marketing. Watch the video below.

17. WP Eagle

Alex on WP Eagle teaches everything about WordPress and Affiliate Marketing.

If you want to be an affiliate marketing expert, subscribe to WP Eagle, and you’ll learn.

One video on the Channel that I enjoyed is the Amazon affiliate tutorial.

18. Chris Niche Safari

Chris, on his YouTube Channel, is all about making money online.

You should learn a handful of general blogging-related stuff – including SEO.

19. James Beattie

James Beattie is an all-around Digital Marketing professional. However, he is more of a salesperson.

So, if you have a product to sell or run an e-com website, you should follow James Beattie on YouTube.

His Facebook Ad tutorial is a good starting point for anyone with one or two products to promote.

20. Arielle Phoenix

If you are a lady and need inspiration from a woman like you, follow Arielle Phoenix on YouTube.

She talks about Blogging, Affiliate Marketing, and a bit of crypto.

You should learn a lot from her.

21. Brandon Saltalamacchia

On this Channel, Brandon talks more about content writing and SEO.

You can learn how he doubled his organic traffic in just 60 days.

22. Keith Minted Empire

Keith primarily discusses ways to make money from your website.

For example, if you monetize your site with Ezoic, Keith explains how to increase your earnings.

23. Leon Angus

To be candid, Leon Angus YouTube Channel is one of the best Channels to learn SEO.

Leon discusses everything SEO and Affiliate Marketing.

Subscribe to his Channel, and you’ll learn a lot.

24. Tortoise Cash Flow

Tortoise Cash Flow is one of the best YouTube Channels to learn SEO and affiliate marketing.

Follow the Channel to sharpen your affiliate marketing skills.

25. Erik – Income Grinders

Erik, on his Channel, teaches his audience how to make residual income online.

Blogging with WordPress is a big part of what Erik teaches; you can learn much from him.

In one of his videos, he explained thoroughly how to get started using the Yoast WordPress SEO plugin.

In addition, you can learn how to optimize your content with multiple keywords with Yoast free version and how to choose a good focus keyphrase.

26. Nathan Gotch

In my opinion, there are no better YouTube Channels to learn SEO than Nathan Gotch.

Other YouTube Channels have a mix of other things alongside SEO, but that is not the case with Nathan Gotch.

Nathan’s primary essence of his Channel is to teach SEO only, and he is good at it.

It’s not just about the knowledge; it’s about how he explains complex things.

Check out Nathan’s on-page SEO tutorial; I’m sure you’ll love it.

If you want to move fast with your SEO game, you should follow Nathan Gotch.

27. Money Lab

Another good YouTube Channel to learn SEO is Money Lab.

Generally, the Channel is all about making money online.

You should learn from the Channel as well.


So, if you are ever looking for YouTube Channels to learn SEO and how to make money online, you have more than enough options in this post.

If your ONLY priority is to learn SEO, I suggest you stick closely with Nathan Gotch YouTube Channel.

Furthermore, you can easily convert these YouTube videos to audio files and listen if you choose to.

In truth, there is no better place to learn SEO for FREE than YouTube. So, stick closely with these Channels and learn as much as possible.

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