Are SEO Experts worth it?

Today, thousands of SEO experts teach you how to grow your blog traffic and revenue, but is it worth following these people?

These experts give recommendations of what they think is right.

Understandably, many people struggle to get traffic. Besides, there are new blogs launched every day. Most people in these categories would look up to anyone who seems But are knowledgeable and can help them get traffic.

But are these experts worth it? My straightforward answer is NO, and I’ll share my reasons.

‘Experts’ Are Not Real SEO Experts

Today, anyone who seems knowledgeable about SEO is an expert.

More so, anyone who has a successful blog, whose main traffic source is from Search Engines, seems to be an SEO expert. In this case, it’s easy for people to look up to them and follow everything they do since they have results to back it up.

Well, in my opinion, this is the wrong way of proving expertise, especially in SEO.

The truth about SEO is that two people could do the same things on two blogs in different niches, and just one blog is a true success.

SEO is an unpredictably crazy game. So whom you call an expert could be a product of some good fortune or a favourable niche.

Another good point is that many ‘experts’ think SEO is all about Google, and I don’t blame them. Google dominates the search engine market share, averaging 86–96% of the market worldwide.

So everyone studies Google.

But no one person can tell how Google’s Search Engine algorithm works except those who work with Google in that department.

So, every other person, including the ‘experts’, do ‘trial and error’ and live off what Google publishes as methods that work.

Don’t get me wrong, though. Some basic or common SEO practices work, and these do not require much expertise.

In other words, there are hardly any SEO experts anywhere. The SEO experts are those who work with Search engines like Google, Bing, etc. These do not guess how the algorithm works, and neither do they do “trial and error.” They know exactly how it works.

Others recommend what works for them and then make it a rule. Meanwhile, the same strategy may not work in another niche.

Examples of Fake ‘Expert’ Advice

See below an example of SEO advice that is not (or should not be) a rule for everyone.

Examples that SEO experts are not worth it

This ‘expert’ makes thousands of $ monthly on her sites, so they think what they think should be a rule.

In reality, there is absolutely nothing wrong with having a wrap-up in your conclusion to highlight just the main point of the article. It’s beneficial to readers as it reminds them of what is most important in the article or the major takeaway.

Learn how to write a powerful conclusion in this guide.

Let’s consider another example.

Disqus comment box

This ‘expert’ implies that appending a Disqus comment box in a blog is wrong. Well, I disagree with them.

Disqus comment box on Goal.com

The above image is a Disqus comment box appended to one of the biggest soccer websites, and it works fine for them.

There are many more examples that you may have observed from these ‘experts’.

For example, some say you do not need to build links. Others say your blog cannot grow without building links etc.

Bottomline: Are SEO Experts worth it?

Considering the above points, the so-called SEO experts can be wrong, and what works for them may not work for you.

So are these SEO experts worth it in the end? Well, the answer depends on your level of understanding of SEO. If you are a complete beginner who knows little or nothing about SEO, you could learn a great deal from these SEO ‘experts’.

However, if you already have all the basic knowledge of SEO, I strongly suggest that you do not follow any ‘experts’ blindly. Do what works for you!

Your ultimate source of SEO info is the Search Engines or their media outlets. All other SEO information is either inaccurate or not a general rule.

Choose what to follow wisely and selectively.

Most importantly, always use your common sense and not follow blindly.

In my opinion, there is no SEO expert. Everyone guesses and keeps discovering new things every day. The only SEO experts are those who work with Google or other Search engines.

It annoys me when I see people sell SEO courses.

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