Adsense Balance Not Correct? See Why!

At the beginning of a new month, sometimes, you may not find your correct earnings from the previous month in your Adsense balance.

In this piece, you’ll understand why that happens and what you need to do.

Adsense Balance Meaning

Adsense balance is the aggregate sum of your unpaid earnings.

As you may know, Adsense has a threshold of $100 (or its equivalent in other currencies). So your earnings must be as least $100 before it can be paid out.

For small sites, it may take several months to reach this $100 threshold. However, your earnings per month would keep adding up to your Adsense balance until it is $100 and then paid out.

Therefore, for every new month, you should have the previous month’s earnings added to your Adsense balance.

Why Your Adsense Balance Is Not Correct

Sometimes, your Adsense balance is not correct at the beginning of a new month. You may think you’ve lost your earnings for the previous month.

Or you may think Adsense is having issues with reporting your earnings balance.

Well, none of this is the case.

99 percent of the time, your Adsense balance is not correct at the beginning of a new month because it takes Adsense about 2 to 3 days to report your previous month’s earnings in your Balance.

So, you have no reason to panic or fret when you notice that your Adsense balance is not correct in the first few days of a new month.

What then should you do? Nothing. Just be patient. Within 24 to 48 hours, your correct total earnings reflect in your Adsense balance.

Why Does Adsense Balance Not Update Immediately A New Month Starts?

As mentioned before, it takes 2 to 3 days before your previous month’s earnings reflect in your Adsense balance.

Adsense balance does not update immediately after a new month starts because the Adsense team most likely vets or double-checks your earnings to ensure it is as accurate as possible.

They use those few days to calculate and deduct value for invalid traffic or other relevant deductions or additions to ensure accuracy.

Adsense Vs Google Ad Relationship

As you may have observed, there is a strong connection between Google Adsense and Google Ads.

In simplest terms, the Google Ad platform is where advertisers commit funds to Google to advertise their products or services.

On the other hand, Adsense is the platform where publishers (or site owners) see how much they’ve earned from displaying Google advertisers’ ads on their sites.

In essence, Google is the middleman between advertisers and publishers. Also, publishers are the middlemen between customers and advertisers.

So here is the ideal scenario:

Google collects money from advertisers to promote their services to audiences on the internet > Google displays these ads on websites of publishers registered on Adsense> Publishers show ads to their audience and connect customers to advertisers.

Publishers take 68% of what advertisers pay while Google takes 32%.

[In sharp contrast, Ezoic takes just 10% while publishers keep 90%]

All in all, the major difference is that Adsense is for publishers while Google Ads is for advertisers.

Why Does Adsense Have To Go Extra Mile To Ensure Accurate Earnings Are Reported?

Well, the most important reason why the Adsense team goes the extra mile to ensure an accurate earnings report is given is that they want to protect advertisers as much as possible.

Advertisers pay millions and billions of money to Google through the Google Ads platform to get traffic to their business while trusting that Google will use their money judiciously.

It’ll be unfair on the part of advertisers if the money is not well spent or reported accurately. That is why the Google Adsense team takes its time to ensure your earnings are accurate.

Final Thought

Do not panic when you observe that your Adsense balance is not accurate at the beginning of a new month.

It takes about 2 or 3 days for Adsense to add your previous month’s earnings to the balance.

The main reason why it takes that long is that the Adsense team double-checks all earnings to ensure they are accurate while advertisers are charged correctly.

Nonetheless, I strongly recommend that Adsense publishers join Ezoic because it’ll fetch you way more money. When you join Ezoic, you can take these steps to make even more money.

If for any reason you’re finding it difficult to get Adsense approval for any of your sites, read this guide.

Finally, learn how to withdraw your Adsense earnings when it is less than the $100 threshold.

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